editing html as plain txt - works in express but not in pro

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editing html as plain txt - works in express but not in pro

Post by brl... »

I switched from NWE to NWPro when pro came out -- LOVE IT.

But... one of the tasks that is easy in Express, seems impossible in Pro. At least I have not figured out how to do it.

I often edit simple html blocks (e.g. ebay item descriptions, updates to simple text-heavy web pages) as plain text files (Western Windows Latin flavor text), saved with an htm or html suffix.

I can open such a file in NW Express so that it is editable text.

But when I try to open it in Pro, NWP parses the html into a browser view -- not editable.

Is there a way around this?

Or do I need to keep Express around just for this?

And if I do need to keep it, will I need to update NWExpress when I install Leopard?



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Post by greenmorpher »

This is a problem raised before -- we need to be able to specify the format we want the thing opened in incorporated into the open menu.

Cheers, Geoff

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Re: editing html as plain txt - works in express but not in

Post by Dirk_Barends »

brl... wrote:[...]
Is there a way around this?
yes, changing the file extensions from .html to .txt and back after editing.

Or open the html file with TextEdit, copy the text to a Nisus .txt file (with the same name possibly) edit and copy and paste back in the .html file.
Inconvenient, I admit, but this is the way I work now.


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