Spell check fluke

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Spell check fluke

Post by vitaka » 2007-11-27 14:24:16

I noticed that NW does not recognize curly apostrophes when checking spelling errors. For instance, if I type "I dom't", it'll suggest "I don't" but if I type "I dom’t" I get a "No guesses found" back. This should be remedied, as this is a significant hurdle, especially in languages other than English languages, like Italian, etc. that use apostrophes a lot.

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Post by martin » 2007-11-28 15:26:05

As you may know, spelling dictionaries on OSX are provided by Apple and other 3rd parties. So this is actually a problem with the particular dictionary you are using. I'll report the problem with Apple's dictionaries to them directly, but if you are making use of any other dictionary, you should contact the vendor.

I'll see if there's anything we can do to work around the problem in NWP ourself.

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