Newbie trying to create invoice with currency and VAT calc.

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Newbie trying to create invoice with currency and VAT calc.

Post by globetrotterdk » 2007-12-09 08:08:10

I am a very new user of Nisus Writer Pro and am trying to figure out how to create an invoice template with currency and VAT calculations. The actual creation of the tables and the general setup went extremely quickly and without any problems.

I just can't figure out to get a series of cells in a column to add up to a subtotal, calculate 25% of the subtotal for VAT and then add the total in the last cell of the column. I have checked both the manual and the forum, but haven't found anything that would help.

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Post by martin » 2007-12-11 14:55:10

There's no built-in mechanism for this. Our tables don't provide any kind of automatic calculations.

That said you could probably write a macro to do what you like. We actually ship a "sum column" macro (found on the menu Macro > calculation). The code is pretty complicated, mostly because it needs to handle currency symbols, commas, etc, but you could modify the macro to calculate a VAT.

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