How can I input japanese

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How can I input japanese

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In my 15 years old version of Nisus, I could type in japanese, i.e. type nihon and immediately get on the screen the kanjis for that japanese name. I just downloaded the free version of Nisus pro, for testing before buying, and I am totally lost... Maybe I did not select a japanese font, but how can I know which font is japanese and which one is not ?
How can I change the input method ?
What are the names of the japanese fonts ?

Did I forget something at the system level before running Nisus ?

Please help

Thank You in advance

Also, all the help is in french (well, of course, this is not an error : I am french !), while the manual is in english : consequently I might misunderstand the manual because of different names refferring to the same notion

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Hi -

did you (1) activate JAPANESE in "System Preferences/International/Input Menu" to (2) show in menu bar? - so you can then select JAPANESE Kotoeri. (3) Japanese font names sound Japanese to me - scroll down to enjoy...

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