Collecting interesting paragraphs the easy way

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Collecting interesting paragraphs the easy way

Post by js » 2008-02-28 01:12:59

This is just a trick on how to make use of one of Nisus’ finest facilities: The small formatting buttons on the lower bar of each window.

Let's say you wanted a list of all lines (paragraphs) of a text containing a particular word, or number, or chunk of text written in a particular format. Certainly, you can write a find expression searching for the whole paragraphs. But there is an easier way to achieve the same result, like so:

1. Do an ordinary "find all" for the word or format you are looking for.
2. Insert a tab on any part of the ruler where you would normally not insert a tab, f.e. near the end of the line.
3. You fill find that a ruler symbol now shows on the lower bar. Click on it for a "select all" and copy / paste into a new window. (If you don’t like the inserted tab: select all and take it away).

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Post by Groucho » 2008-02-29 06:11:53

You may as well do like this.

Enable PowerFind Pro.
In the Find What box type: .+keyword.+\n
(Where "keyword" is the particular word you mentioned)
Click Find All.

Hope this will help.


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