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Newsletter March 24 08

Posted: 2008-03-25 13:34:43
by I Fear Bill
After a quick review of the NisusĀ® Software Newsletter March 24, 2008 I noticed 4 very dangerous things.

1) You may have violated one or more SEC regs particularly failing to file Schedule 13D and/or Schedule 13G forms. There are rules about acquiring or attempting to acquire 5% or more of a publically traded company, forms to be filed. The SEC and DOJ may have competition-antitrust questions. The ramifications of Nisus Writer Pro dominating the Yahoo space could be as powerful a force in driving technology in the 21st century as the Osborne 1.

2) Making public statements regarding a proposed purchase of a publically traded company with the intent of manipulating the stock price is another SEC no no. If your declaration of intent pushes Yahoo up and Microsoft down the legal ramifications could be significant. Have you forgotten Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky and Martha Stewart? (Of course your resemblance to Scooter Libby could help. Call Karl Rove and Lil George ASAP!)

3) Alerting Microsoft you are in the Yahoo game could encourage Microsoft and Steve Ballmer to do to you and Nisus what they did to Sun and JAVA. Are you ready to have wealth and power forced upon you? Are you ready to wallow in the filth of well deserved riches? Are you ready for the evil and decadence an extra 2 billion in cash could generate?

4) Your pictures, in some quarters, could be viewed as a direct and overt challenge to Bill Gates for the 2008 Evil Empire Magazine Kilt Edition center fold. Plaids at 10 paces won't be pretty. You think Hillary and Barack are getting nasty well they are pikers compared to Billy Boy. You do not want to get his dander up. (or kilt!)

Slapping Bill Gates 4 times in one Newsletter could be hazardous. I understand he can be very tough when provoked. I am personally so concerned for my well being by merely providing you this counsel that I used MS Word for DOS to type it up. (I'm sorry but I am not a strong person)