Nisus Writer Pro Crashes

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Nisus Writer Pro Crashes

Post by m3m » 2008-04-06 14:55:40

I was formatting a book using Nisus Writer Pro V 1.0.3 and the document kept crashing during the 'save'. The document had a large number of pictures - approximately 200 - which added to the weight of it memory-wise.

The size of the completed document was 337.9 MB and it has taken me many hours more than it should have to get it finished because of this problem.

I have a an iMac G 5 with 2 gigs of RAM and lots of open space (195.17 GB available) on its hard disk and OS version 10.4.11.

Is there any way I can increase the memory allotment to the Nisus application? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I really like the program when it works but the constant crashing is discouraging me from ever using it again for a large project. If this is not resolved I will have to use Pages for future jobs.

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Post by dshan » 2008-04-06 15:36:09

No you cannot increase the memory allocated to NWP, with OS X you don't need to - it'll take as much RAM as it needs at the time like all OS X apps. First you need to find out what is causing the crashes, don't just assume it's insufficient memory. Have a look in Console utility under CrashReporter and you should find the crash logs for the NWP crashes. Unless you're a programmer they probably won't make much sense to you but if you email one of them to Nisus (File>Save a Copy As... in Console, then Help>Send Feedback in Nisus Writer Pro) they should be able to figure out what the problem is.

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Post by martin » 2008-04-07 15:19:10

dshan is correct, how much memory is allocated to a particular program is all handled by OSX and should not be an issue.

After NWP crashes please relaunch it and use the menu Help > Send Feedback. It will automatically collect the logs dshan mentioned and send them to us. Unfortunately we never receive the feedback reports that Apple collects.

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Post by Hamid » 2008-04-09 06:17:47

martin wrote:Unfortunately we never receive the feedback reports that Apple collects.
Would it help if you used ILCrashReporter?:

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