Rotated "Page Setup" doesn't stick

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Re: Rotated "Page Setup" doesn't stick

Post by ronch » 2015-10-09 13:02:21

I have made a custom paper size for my printer (an HP1606dn) that is 3x5 inches. I'm on an iMac with El Capitan.
When I go to print something in landscape view it works well in both Word 2011 and in Bean.
When I print in Nisus Writer Pro it will also print correctly but if I save it then open again the paper size says "Other" and the size shown is 5x3 inches and it prints on the bottom right in portrait view (on an 8x10 inch sheet). It will print from either of the other word processors correctly on a 3x5 card after closing and reopening. It seems as though the problem is only with custom made paper sizes because if I use the built in paper sizes in landscape view it works fine. From this forum it seems as though this is an old problem that Nisus has not addressed. Please help. Thanks.

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