New Word translator works well with Comments

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New Word translator works well with Comments

Post by joehardy »

I sense Track Changes will come because Comments now work with Word using the .doc format and not just .rtf.

This is really helpful because it saves an extra translation. I've been working for some long time now on a collection of short stories (memoir, but all true, as opposed to some recent stuff people have published) and I've been using both Pages and Word to critique them for not only typos, but phrasing and structure. Most all that I've written in the past four years (I've been working on them for eight, ever since the first one got published in an anthology) in Nisus Writer, first Express and now Pro. Once I do all the Comments and Track Changes in either Pages or Word I've been moving them back to NWP and updating a table of contents. Now that the Word translator is improved, I can move from Word (or a .doc export from Pages) directly into Nisus and a) the Comments are preserved and b) the Changes as least appear as deletions, according to a "Deleted" style I created in Nisus.

Until the new version of Pro, I had to first save the .doc file as .rtf and then open in Pro. Now I've saved that step and the Comments are much better preserved.

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Re: New Word translator works well with Comments

Post by martin »

You're exactly right Gary, comments and deletions are properly imported from .doc files now that NWP 1.2 has a new importer. Thanks for noticing and posting to the forum about it, I know people have asked about it in the past.

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Re: New Word translator works well with Comments

Post by Sascha Erni »

Yup, this makes me very happy, too. :) Most of my editors and customers a) use Word for the editing process, b) use comments and track changes, and c) don’t grasp the concept of RTF being able to be opened in Word, rather than Wordpad or TextEdit …

So this is a boon, indeed! Thanks, Nisus!


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