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Leopard displays all my Nisus Writer Pro icons as generic RTF documents, even though Get Info… confirms that they are to be opened using Nisus Writer. The problem is that Leopard, unlike Tiger, fails to display the little padlock indicating that a file is locked in the Finder. There's no way to tell.
Is there any way to force Finder to use the Nisus document icon instead of the plain vanilla RTF icon?

Al Hatch

2008-11-20 23:02:18
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I believe what you're seeing as the plain/generic RTF icon is in fact Leopard's preview of the document. Rather than displaying the designated NWP icon Leopard parses the RTF and generates a tiny thumbnail of the first page to use as the document icon. I'm not sure if there's a way to disable this feature.

2008-11-21 00:31:29
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In the Finder, press Command-j (Show View Options) and uncheck 'Show icon preview'.
Now you can view the correct NWP icon for NWP files and also the lock where applicable.

2008-11-21 01:56:52

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Hi, Hatchmo.
Here is how to do.
Double-click the folder(s) with your .rtf files. Click on the gear and select "Show View Options" (or select menu View>Show View Options). An inspector opens. Uncheck "Show icon preview." Repeat for every folder that you want not to show files with a preview.
By the way, since Leopard creates a fresh preview each time you open the folder, this will slow the computer a bit. Last, the preview of a text file is generally so small it is seldom of any use.


2008-11-21 02:00:21
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Groucho sez:

since Leopard creates a fresh preview each time you open the folder, this will slow the computer a bit

This is exactly the kind of thing that gets up my nose about current computer development. Titivation of of interface, adding useless stuff which sucks up computing power but actually does nothing for us. What I want is a computer and program combinaton that work as fast as the old NW 4.1.6 (?) running in RAM on the 68LC040 LC630, which, incidentally, had a SCSI external HD connection for which speed was measured in mega BYTES per second instead of the sneaky mega BITS per second used today ... which makes transfer rates look some much (8 times) faster.

Stuff them all !!! :lol:

Cheers, Geoff

Geoffrey Heard, Business Writer & Publisher

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2008-11-21 12:54:16
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On the other hand, Geoff, I remember when, in 1991 or thereabouts, it might take up to a minute, for our FX II, to browse between a page and the next. We published a tabloid, then, scanty grayscale images, 75 lpi, and a little BW graphics. We used Aldus PageMaker, then. When I would open a complex image with Aldus FreeHand (v. 3), I could see the lines being drawn one by one, as if Walt Disney were drawing them on the spot for me.
Anyway, it's great to remember of those times. We had a typesetter that was bigger than a washer. It would take a whole evening to transfer 16 pages from the FX to the typesetter, and then you still had to develop the film in another washer. And then I had to cope with Syquest cartridges, and SCSI thingies that needed being switched on before the computer was, and…

As for NW, I am of the opinion that it is a pretty fast application. Typesetting (or paginating) is the only ballast. Every action that involves typesetting, like changing, even slightly, the font size in page view, causes the beachball to spin. The rest is as easy as pie.

Greetings, Henry

2008-11-23 10:44:46
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