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Efficient spell-checking

Posted: 2008-12-04 02:39:44
by js
I often wondered about the way Nisus handles a particular situation in spell-checking. If you press „Correct next spelling“, the word to be corrected is highlighted and you can chose a replacement from a drop-down list of words. But let’s say you are not satisfied and want to keep what you wrote. OK: Just press Escape. But to go on you have to first move the cursor or „Correct next spelling“ will start over with what you just declared you wanted to escape.
But maybe you did NOT want to keep the word. You are just not satisfied with whatever is proposed on the drop-down list. As the word to be corrected is already highlighted you start typing. Only to discover that instead of replacing the highlighted text Nisus is appending what you typed.
In both situation I can’t think of any reason for what to me looks like slow-down programming. Is there a reason? And is there maybe another means to tell Nisus that I want to escape the spell corrector but leave highlighted what is already highlighted?