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Missing Fonts in "Microsoft Office Word 97-2003-Dokuments"

Posted: 2008-12-04 09:47:57
by Elbrecht
Hi -

while opening Windows done RTFs of Microsoft Office Word 97-2003-Dokuments some fonts are declared missing in Nisus Writer Pro 1.2:
"Garamond Baltic"
"Garamond CE"
as well as
"Times New Roman"
"Times New Roman Baltic"
"Times New Roman CE".
The author says, he just used "Time New Roman" and knows of nothing else: Garamond, what's that? Is this a known issue? Can I do without the fonts - and how? The texts have a Unicode repertoire of characters, that's why I ask! Some passages with missing font turn "small cap" and I don't know what else hides in there.

EDIT: TextEdit uses Regular "Times" for passages in missing "TNR Baltic" displayed in small caps in NWP 1.2.

I know "Times New Roman" to be declared buggy somewhere - is the bug with me now? Any help available?