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Some German translation bugs (and one feature request)

Posted: 2008-12-14 05:15:57
by andreas
I've come across three problems with the German localisation:


In the columns panel, the word "Dazwischen" (between) seems to be too long so that the text area that holds the numerical value becomes too narrow and the value is being cut off:


A fix would be to enable a larger width for the drawer.


In the page margins panel, the German localisation uses dots for decimal numbers. German uses commas.


When the page margins are too close to the paper margins, a sheet appears offering to either ignore the problem or to fix it. The German reads "Seitenränder fixieren" but fixieren actually means to keep them in place - I suppose the English reads "fix page margins" - which in German would be "Seitenränder korrigieren".

Feature request:

I'd like to be able to make columns equal in width without having to do it manually.