Another (hebrew) font related bug - Nisus Classic files

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Another (hebrew) font related bug - Nisus Classic files

Post by Ruchama » 2009-01-15 06:08:38

This comment is written for those of you who try to import old nisus files into NWP and experience odd behavior..

After struggling with random behavior of some files, the problem (and sort-off-solution) is clear:
Hebrew files, originating from Nisus classic on system 9 were imported into NWP by the usual procedure of openning from NWP and using Hebrew encoding. Files were saved as NWP and closed.
When later opened and modified, text started jumping out of place, word switched, alignment confused and more. It turned out that font change done prior to saving the file for the FIRST TIME as NWP was not properly executed by NWP, and even though on the screen everything seemed ok, the font was not properly defined. (I know it sounds weird but it is so..). The final proof came when I tried powerfind with attributed character and NWP did not find ANY character with the chosen font (Lucida Grande), even though the screen clearly showed Lucida Grande letters. Only when the font change was performed again, the misbehavior stopped and the file was editable again.

So- for those of you who try to import LTR/RTL old files, please note to first save the file as NWP, and only then apply attributes changes and re-save. will save you some annoying experience.

I have sent an example file to Nisus Support.

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