section break not working if there is a footnote

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section break not working if there is a footnote

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I have a problem, not sure if it is a bug or my mistake.

I am writing on a page in a document where a have a normal one column text with footnotes. about halfway through the page I want to insert a section break because I want to insert two columns (for two tables side by side or a table and a text side by side) and then another section break to continue with the previous one column text.
when I try to make a section break it jumps to the next page even though there is still plenty of space...when I remove the the footnotes on that page it works like I want it to..
is there something I´m missing?


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Re: section break not working if there is a footnote

Post by martin »

I'm afraid that this is limitation of NWP. If you have a footnote on a page, then a same-page section break on that page is treated as a page break. You can however mix endnotes that appear at the end of the section with same-page section breaks. That may be a work around for you. Another possibility is to use a two-column table instead of a two-column section. However, be aware that table cells will not flow across pages unless they span multiple table rows.

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