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text wrap around nisus table

Posted: 2009-02-04 16:54:46
by batman1234
is there any way to wrap text around a table (made in nisus), I know there are work arounds: for ex. doing the table in another program or exporting it to another, then saving it as a graphic and inserting it into the nisus document. Or using sections breaks and making two columns in the document using one for the table and another for the text, (doesn´t work though if you have footnotes on the same page).
Would be an important feature...don´t want to cry wolf...I may have missed it...

Re: text wrap around nisus table

Posted: 2009-02-04 17:13:03
by batman1234
sorry forget this message....just saw there is already a thread to this topic in the archives....(nisus doesn´t have this feature yet)