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Expand Glossary problem 
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...which seems to be a bug.

Glossary entries expand differently when triggered automatically (such as by the space bar) and when Edit:Expand Glossary is invoked.

Assume the glossary entry "em" expanding to "embodiment".

Type "em[space]" and you get "embodiment." Perfect.
Type "eem[space]" and the glossary does not expand, leaving "eem" in the document. As expected.

However, type "eem" and invoke Edit:Expand Glossary and you get "eembodiment".

I've confirmed this in multiple documents using any glossary entry from multiple glossary files, including new files created by NWP.
If "65" expands to "display panel 65", and you type "265" and call Expand Glossary, you get "2display panel 65".

The first time I noticed it I thought my glossary file was corrupted. Alas, I quit NWP, created a new glossary upon startup, and the problem remained. I've since noticed it with multiple other files and glossary files.

Cliff Bender

2009-06-08 09:06:11
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I believe this behavior is intentionally provided as a way to have an expansion occur even when there is no whitespace/punctuation delimiting the trigger word. It's especially important for languages that have no such delimiters (eg: Japanese).

2009-06-08 12:26:49
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Ah. Thank you.

And it works well in Japanese, which is very nice to know.

2009-06-08 13:10:13
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