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Style Editor Bug

Posted: 2009-08-02 05:50:28
by Luhmann
I'm new to Nisus Writer Pro, and while it seems like a solid product, the style editor is quite buggy. When creating new styles based on the format of selected text it exhibited a significant amount of odd behavior. For instance:

1. select text
2. choose to create new style based on selection
3. Rename style
4. hit "save"

I'm then given an error message because I already have a style named "paragraph" even though I've already given the new style a different name. I have to first click outside of the title box before hitting save.

But that isn't the only bug. If creating a new style based on an existing style I would have both appear on the screen and then would be unable to modify the second one. Only by de-selecting the second sytle on the left menu could I properly modify the styles.

While I'm at it, I would also like to add a feature request. It would be nice to be able to have Nisus recognize all paragraph styles used in an imported document and to automatically create styles for them. Otherwise one has to go through and save and apply styles to each imported element before they can be bulk-modified. This seems very awkward.