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Custom list number gets repeated on reopening

Posted: 2009-09-08 21:44:54
by JHB
I am using a custom list number to generate automatic table numbers in my document. I have a list style called Table Number, which is defined as being a number list (1 in the list of tabs, not 1.1), with "Before Text" as "Table " and "After Text" as ".". So it generates things like:

Table 1.<tab>Table title
Table 2.<tab>Table title

However, when I quit Nisus and restart, they all come out as:

Table 1.<tab>Table 1.<tab>Table title
Table 2.<tab>Table 2.<tab>Table title

If I make some changes, save, close and reopen the file, I get:

Table 1.<tab>Table 1.<tab>Table 1.<tab>Table title
Table 2.<tab>Table 2.<tab>Table 2.<tab>Table title

Obviously, this is not expected or desired behaviour! Only the first of the table numbers is marked as being the actual table number, and only it changes when tables are added or removed.

It seems to be relevant that these table titles are actually the first row in the table. When I have the table number in the regular text, it doesn't happen. Do I have to move them all out into the text to avoid this problem, or is there something I'm doing wrong.

NW Pro 1.3, Mac OS X 10.5.8, PowerBook G4/2 GB memory