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Reducing font list

Posted: 2009-12-22 20:49:57
by jcoffeen
The list of fonts is so long that it takes time to find a font. Many are so similar as to be almost repeats. Is there any way to throw out some of the fonts? Or, maybe better, to re-arrange the list so the ones I want are at the first, and the others are still there if I should ever want them. I know the six most recently used show up first, but six aren't enough, and any one I just look at briefly joins that group of six.


Re: Reducing font list

Posted: 2009-12-22 22:23:00
by Kino
How about using Apple's Fonts panel (Format > Font > Show Fonts ⌘T) to apply a font? It enables you to create a collection gathering all your favourite fonts.

Re: Reducing font list

Posted: 2009-12-22 23:24:21
by mrennie
The Font Family field is actually a field that can be typed in. Another solution would therefore be to just start typing the font's name, if you know which font you're after. Nisus Writer Pro will start autocompleting the font's name to make things easier for you.

Re: Reducing font list

Posted: 2009-12-24 10:51:38
by jcoffeen
Thanks, fellas. The Show Fonts solved my problem.

Typing the font name sounds good too, but I don't remember the names well enough.

Another way occurred to me after I'd made the list of Favorites, a way that doesn't require going to the Fonts panel. Open a Nisus file, and type their names in their fonts. Then to use a font, Copy a word of its name, put it where you are writing, start typing within the word. Then delete the parts of the font name.

A little roundabout, but might be handy at times.

Re: Reducing font list

Posted: 2009-12-26 17:14:32
by martin
You can also use Apple's own Font Book application to disable (or delete) fonts you never use.

Re: Reducing font list

Posted: 2010-01-23 03:04:49
by iljajj
And I can heartily recommend Linotype's free Font Explorer (see: They'll try to flog FontExplorer Pro, but if you go to the downloads section the free version is still available), which does the same thing as Apple's Font Book (but much, much better) and a lot of other things besides.

Unfortunately, Snow Leopard initially screwed up much of my font management, but with 10.6.2 it seems to work again.