What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by joao » 2010-06-16 19:06:08

Here's another vote for NWP (or even NWE) on IPad. The Pages version is just OK - I'd love to have a Nisus app for it since I use my iPad for out of town conferences.

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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by greenmorpher » 2010-06-17 16:05:36

I do support NW for the iPad, but I feel we should not ignore the unintended consequences of moving to eBooks.


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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by Elbrecht » 2010-08-26 12:30:26

iWork Update 4:

This update addresses issues in Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, and adds export compatibility to Pages with the standard ePub file format (for use with iBooks).

This update is recommended for users of iWork 9.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2, and 9.0.3. For detailed information on this update and individual application changes, please visit this site: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4165.

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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by ptram » 2010-08-27 08:44:44

Groucho wrote:Mostly if a NW for iPad should drain juices from NWP.
I use everyday another app on the Mac. It has some serious bugs, that are compromising its usefulness. They have not released even a bug fix for months. They are working on the iPad version. They have no time for the Mac version, now.

And, should I remember that Adobe and Avid just released some great pro-level video production apps, while in the meantime Apple has only released iMovie for the iPad, leaving Final Cut Pro in the clouds?

And in the end: would a version of Nisus Writer sold for the likes of 9.99$ have a chance of living for long?


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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by ptram » 2010-08-27 08:48:45

dshan wrote:... include most of the features of Nisus Writer Express, at least, if not Pro. Pages is going to be competition initially
Pages for the iPad has nothing to do with the Mac version (apart for the name). It is more similar to SimpleText. Not strange, due to the nature of the device.


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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by iljajj » 2010-08-28 01:44:50

Paolo, that's not entirely true. Both share a dependency on predefined templates, and some degree of interchangeability between the two. It's not perfect (by far), but it sorta works. For me as a science writer, Nisus' two main rivals are Mellel and Pages. Don't like Mellel because of the not very intuitive interface and its community and Pages because it seems to be oddly restricted in unexpected aspects, and the plethora of panels is very distracting. However, it does have its strong suits (e.g., image captions). In the end, I really, REALLY want Nisus to stay. But I could probably get five or six people to buy it tomorrow if it were to have ePub export, decent image captions, and a Word-compatible change tracker.

As for the iPad version, I'm somewhat conflicted: I wouldn't want it to drain resources away from the Mac version, but I WOULD like to have a better word processor on my iPad.

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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by ptram » 2010-08-28 02:22:38

iljajj wrote:However, it [Pages] does have its strong suits (e.g., image captions)
Is this also in the iPad version? All I could find was a set of very basic formatting tools. Nothing that can, it seems to me, serve for serious science writing. I've not even found a way to share text with standard formats (like RTF).


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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by iljajj » 2010-08-29 00:42:09

Nah. In my view, Apple dropped the ball in a major way when releasing Pages for iPad. Image captions is one thing, but the absence of footnotes is a deal-breaker for me. I mainly use the Pad on the road, during workshops, in archives, and so forth. But if I spend 8 euros on a word processor, I do want it to read my files. Docs2Go is cheap and (mostly) does the trick, and has excellent integration with Dropbox, MobileMe and GDocs, but it's a pain to use. So if there'd be something like Nisus for iPad, I'd latch on to it like a lamprey.

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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by Jester » 2010-10-19 17:03:57

I believe that Nisus should wait for a newer, more stable iPad. Right now everything seemed like a mess to me, Pages is awful. Most people aren't critical of Apple's product and jumped on the iPad/iPhone 4 —piece of rubbish— bandwagon.

I know some people would like Nisus for iPad, but how many? 100? 1K? I don't think it's worth the investment.

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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by flips » 2011-02-10 10:19:17

I just got an iPad in January. I use it mainly for browsing, dictionary/encyclopedia lookups and reading (papers, scanned documents, books, lots of stuff not suitable on the iPhone's smaller screen, but nice to be able to read without using the laptop or printing lots of pages/bringing binder's).

I am also aiming at using it while teaching. I have many RTF documents in NWP, but when I open those in GoodReader/FileApp or Documents To Go, they are read only, and the paper size and margins/headers etc. are visible, so I have to zoom in to get better sized text -- and that makes page turning/flipping inconvenient. (On the iPhone the builtin RTF filter is more optimal, it uses the entire screen for text and reflows it to shorter lines.)

(An alternate route is to save as Word files and use DocsToGo, but so far there's bugs/issues, which I have reported, so I need to open MS Word and save it there, before opening in DocsToGo.)

The best would be to have a RTF editor on the iPad. I've tried one, but that has limited features and if you edit and save your documents there, the styles/template is messed up. I would LOVE to have a simple RTF editor (limited features is OK). The best would be to have a style selector, font selector and bold, italics and underline and maybe lists. All the styles/fonts doesn't have to show, as long as the styles/fonts are remembered. (Like in DocsToGo, it rememebers more fonts than it shows.)

As long as the files show up decently (ignoring margings, page size etc, maximizing the size for the iPad screen), allow basic editing (fixing typos, adding sentences) and allows saving without messing up the document for editing printing in NWP later, that would be great.

I cannot say wether Nisus should make such and app or not, but I sure would buy such an app!
flips :)

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Re: What about: "Export/Save as ePub"

Post by dude » 2013-07-05 05:47:20

Reading this and thread and especially my posts, I have to laugh a little. All that before iCloud became relevant.

Today, I find myself using Pages the majority of the time as my WP. Why? Convenience. I can edit it on my Mac and then edit/review on my iPad with no extra steps involved. Sure, when opening Pages documents on the iPad certain things are lost, i.e. comments for example. That is annoying enough, but I have worked around this by not doing a lot of special markups until I am to a point where I will be editing it on my Mac to the end.

This could always be handled like OmniGroup handles their apps, basic functionality but more advanced features won't show up, but they won't be lost either. Make your own cloud instead of using Apple's (OmniSync). Some apps team up and offer iCloud support through other iOS apps and then back to the Mac Software.

I believe I represent more than just me on this. I think something has to happen on this front or the customer base will become a smaller piece of the pie.

I hope this isn't dead because the majority of my writing these days is less than 3,000 words and that the length of paper that for me is easy to manage in Pages.
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