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ANY chance default can be .odt? 
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First - not opening up a can of worms. Serious, serious question.

I love NWP - for a single element app, not too slow - but still has issues re: speed. I used to use a larger and hence slower office suite, but wanted a better more focused and speedier app. went to nisus. now for the 2nd time. What originally bothered me was the .rtf format. I really believe that .odt/.odf format is the better and the newer thing. I used this format for many years. I am still not sold on the .rtf format and am really dissatisfied primarily for this dynamic. going through the extreme slowness of the export into and reenering thereof - makes me want to go back to the clunky office suite. Using macs and linux - the odt/odf is what i really use other than the nisus rtf. so the ease of file formats and speed is more appropriate for the odt/odf.

Will odt/odf ever be a legit default or possible setting for saving and opening without having the clunky slow rendering needed Now?

Sorry - I have to ask. I have already swapped out all of my rtf file to odt. and that was tedious. But like the more stealthy NWP. This post and question was meant with the best intention so don't slam me.

the other app also handles pics dna otther media formats better. so...

thank you.

2010-05-17 09:18:22

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well seems like no response. any clues please????

2010-05-17 14:23:31

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still - is there any clue if this is possible?

I run an very old slow P3 pc running linux in my workshop and it opens rtf format files (with Open office) faster than nisus opens its' own files, let alone exporting or opening and odt/odf documents on a fast macbook pro.

I know after reading various threads that various elements have speed issues here, so i am asking.

Thank you again. if no one has or wants to answer - then i will let it go.


2010-05-20 11:01:04
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MBP wrote:
Will odt/odf ever be a legit default or possible setting for saving and opening without having the clunky slow rendering needed Now?

It's possible that at some point in the future ODT files could be read by Nisus Writer natively, without the need for our based importer. Looking forward, ODT and docx are the front runners in interoperability, but right now there are simply more applications that understand RTF. OpenOffice and Microsoft Word, the flagship software for the new file formats, both read RTF very well.

But let's put aside arguments about which file format is better and get to your complaint. Even if NWP were to read ODT files natively, there's no reason to suspect they would load any quicker than NWP currently loads its own RTF files. If you have a file that you think takes an inappropriate amount of time to load, perhaps you could share it with us.

2010-05-20 14:06:44
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Ok - Thanks Martin! I mean it. Now the files are slow due to the export or import procedure to open and read it. They are slow compared to the native nisus rtf files. So by making the odt files as a native option to read and save it would be much faster and that would solve my problem. It is the current processing of information that is slow for the said .odt files.

I am not arguing; just trying to work with a format a like with Nisus Writer Pro which i like - just making it much speedier than the current funeral procession. It would sure be nice.

That's it - thanks Martin. I will await future prospects on this scenario.

Best wishes!

2010-05-20 14:19:46
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