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Styles and Autogenerated Bibliographies

Posted: 2010-05-18 06:01:20
by Michael Eichberg

I'm currently exploring the use of Bookends to generate the bibliography for a paper. Basically, it works just fine - except that I do not find a way to reliably format (Font / Line Spacing / ...) the bibliography entries (for various reasons, I'm scanning / unscanning the document relatively often).
The bibliography is formatted using Bookends' settings which are - as far as I can see - limited. In particular, settings related to the line spacing etc. are not available. Hence, after every scan, I need to select the text and apply my document specific formattings and styles - formattings applied to the placeholder are simply discarded / ignored. Is there any way to configure NWP (Bookends...) to automatically apply a specific style to the bibliography?