Scrivener, Nisus Writer Pro and Styles

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Scrivener, Nisus Writer Pro and Styles

Post by nealtz » 2010-09-02 03:54:40


i just investigate NWP to decide if it is my solution for my workflow scrivener -> Export -> Style document up -> print, PDF, etc..

I like to use Multimarkdown in Scrivener. Now i got one problem. How can i add automatically styles to my texts?

I found a solution with the Power Search to recognize Textattributes and add a style to that paragraph. But in the document not all attributes of the paragraph style where add to the selected text. When i set the cousor in the text NWP says that the text has the new paragraph style, but i.e. the fontsize is not the specified for the paragraph style. When i mark the section and click on the same paragraph style in the style panel it changes completly to the target style.

How can i automatically change paragraphs of text to defined paragraph styles?

Maybe anyone here is already working with Scrivener & NWP and has any hints for me.

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I think i have already found what I'm looking for: Importing from Scrivener in style?. I just have to test if its working for me.

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