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Ref manager question: from Bookends to Sente, and Nisus

Posted: 2010-12-19 02:54:02
by iljajj
Hi all,

I hope this isn't wildly off topic because I'd really like some input here. I'm thinking of switching from Bookends to Sente. Bookends has served me well, but the interface isn't ideal and, next to a much better interface, Sente offers some features that I could really use, such as proper synchronisation with their iPad app, automatised data entry and synchronisation of libraries across computers (I know, I can do that with Dropbox, but I'd prefer not to be overly dependent on that).

A real deal-breaker for me could be Nisus integration though. I really, REALLY like the way Bookends integrates with Nisus: scanning, unscanning, determining ref formats, and so on. Although the Nisus people mention Sente integration, theory and practice can be miles apart in these cases; therefore, I was curious how any of you that use it, got on with the combination.