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Show invisibles and comments

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I wonder if an option to show invisible characters in the text only rather than also in comments might be a useful addition. While I like to see the invisibles in the text while composing manuscripts, I really don't need them in my comments. In fact, I find them rather distracting there.


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Re: Show invisibles and comments

Post by Kino »

I agree with you. Although Show Invisibles is a very important feature for me, that does not mean that I want to see all invisibles in everywhere. I’m always eager to see tab, LF, and no-break space but, personally and in the Find/Replace panel, any visual representation for any invisible is superfluous because there I prefer metacharacters or hexadecimal notations to real characters. And why do I need to see ordinary space characters (U+0020) when all the other characters looking similar — no-break space and, in some situations, tab — are marked??? The markless-ness would be a very eloquent mark for the commonest whitespace character, no?

In short, I’d like to have more control over Show Invisibles. It would be great if NWP had Pref options like this.
ShowInvisiblesOpt.gif (21.16 KiB) Viewed 2578 times
What is shown above is my theoretically and expectedly favourite settings. I have already spoken about the Find/Replace panel and U+0020. As to Ideographic Space used in Japanese and, presumably, in Chinese, its width avoids a very-purely-theoretically-possible confusion unless you are still using the very obsolete Osaka font. And Zero Width Non-Joiner — AFAIK, used in Persian — doesn’t need any visual representation for those who know a bit about the contextual glyph selection of Arabic script (i.e. letters which connect and those which do not).

Thanks in advance ! ;-)))

EDIT: Fixed a typo or rather a bug in my expression.

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