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Find colored text 
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I've looked through the manual but can't find it. Is there a way to find a words or characters having colored text?
Any help appreciated.

2011-03-23 07:42:53

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If you want to find and select all texts in the same colour (manually applied, not defined in a style), put the insertion point somewhere in a text in that colour and choose ‘Select All’ from the pull-down menu (click on a coloured circle) in the status bar at the bottom of the document window.
SelectAllColor.png [ 20.07 KiB | Viewed 2433 times ]

If you want to find and select all texts in different colours, I think the macro below will do the job.
 Require Pro Version 1.3
$doc =
if $doc == undefined

$black = Color.newWithRGBA 0, 0, 0, 1
$white = Color.newWithRGBA 1, 1, 1, 1
$colors =
$samples =
$TC = Cast to String '[text] '
$BG = Cast to String '[back] '
$HL = Cast to String '[highlight] '
$sep = Cast to String '/'
$showSamples = Cast to String 'Show Samples'
$language = Language.systemLanguage

foreach $text in $doc.allTexts
   $textRanges =
   if $text.tables.count # then, exclude special texts enclosing tables
      $tableRanges =
      foreach $table in $text.tables
         $tableRanges.appendValue $table.enclosingTextRange
      $i = 0
      foreach $tableRange in $tableRanges
         $range = Range.newWithLocationAndBound $i, $tableRange.location
         $textRanges.appendValue $range
         $i = $tableRange.bound
      $range = Range.newWithLocationAndBound $i, $text.length
      $range = 0, $text.length
   $textRanges.appendValue $range
   foreach $textRange in $textRanges
      $i = $textRange.location
      while $i < $textRange.bound
         $attr = $text.displayAttributesAtIndex $i
         $range = $text.rangeOfDisplayAttributesAtIndex $i
         $sel = $text, $range
         if $attr.textColor != $black
            $key = $TC & $attr.textColor.hexTriplet
            $key &= $sep & $attr.textColor.opacity
            if $colors{$key} == undefined
               $colors{$key} =
               $sample = $key
               Push Target Text $sample
                  Set Text Color $attr.textColor
               Pop Target Text
               $samples.appendValue $sample
            $colors{$key}.appendValue $sel
         if $attr.textBackgroundColor != $white
            $key = $BG & $attr.textBackgroundColor.hexTriplet
            $key &= $sep & $attr.textBackgroundColor.opacity
            if $colors{$key} == undefined
               $colors{$key} =
               $sample = $key
               Push Target Text $sample
                  Set Background Color $attr.textBackgroundColor
               Pop Target Text
               $samples.appendValue $sample
            $colors{$key}.appendValue $sel
         if Defined $attr.textHighlightColor
            $key = $HL & $attr.textHighlightColor.hexTriplet
            $key &= $sep & $attr.textHighlightColor.opacity
            if $colors{$key} == undefined
               $colors{$key} =
               $sample = $key
               Push Target Text $sample
                  Set Highlight Color $attr.textHighlightColor
               Pop Target Text
               $samples.appendValue $sample
            $colors{$key}.appendValue $sel
         $i = $range.bound

if ! $colors.keys.count
   exit 'No color found, exiting...'

$keys = $colors.keys
$keys.sort 'li', $language
$keys.appendValue $showSamples

$keys = Prompt Checkboxes '', '', '', $keys
if ! $keys.count
   exit # nothing checked

if $keys.lastValue == $showSamples
   $showSamples = true

if $keys.count
   $sels =
   foreach $key in $keys
      $sels.appendValuesFromArray $colors{$key}
   $doc.setSelections $sels

if $showSamples == true
   $LF = Cast to String "\n"
   $samples.sort 'li', $language
   $samples = $samples.join $LF
   Document.newWithText $samples
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In either case, if you need looking at each one of selected texts, adding Bookmarks to them (Insert:Bookmarks:Add Bookmark) and visiting them one by one from Navigator (View:Show Navigator and switch to Bookmarks from Table of Content) would be handy.

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Kino's macro and tip about the color tag's "select all" menu are a good way to go. Another option is to use attribute sensitive search:

1. Open the Find and Replace dialog.
2. By the "find what" field, click the gear icon to insert a PowerFind bubble for Wild Card > AnyText.
3. Select that bubble and use the formatting menus (eg: Format > Text Color > Red).
(Applying formatting to the bubble should automatically turn on the "attribute sensitive" option just below)
4. Use the Find Next / Find All buttons as you normally would.

2011-03-23 12:07:05
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