Odd interaction with Knox

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Odd interaction with Knox

Post by cchapin »

I'm experiencing a peculiar interaction between Knox and Nisus Writer Pro. (Knox is a secure desk image utility from Agile Web Solutions.)

I keep a number of confidential documents in several Knox vaults. Sometimes when I launch Nisus Writer Pro, a vault will open without any intervention on my fault. This seems to happen when a document in that vault is listed in the File > Open Recent submenu, but that is not perfectly consistent. I tried an experiment with OmniOutliner, but it did not trigger the problem. I'll post here and on the Agile forum and hopefully will get some answers.


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Re: Odd interaction with Knox

Post by martin »

It could be related to the Document Manager. When NWP needs to show a list of Document Manager files, we ask OSX whether the file exists, and if it does, for its icon. I'm guessing that would trigger loading the vault. This could happen sporadically, because of the Document Manager menus which list managed files. OSX handles menu validation for us in NWP, and I've found that validation requests come in from OSX at unpredictable times; sometimes even if a particular menu doesn't need to be displayed yet.

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