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HTML export

Post by hamptonk »

Is there a way to have the actual names of paragraph styles and character styles preserved in the html export?

i like the clean html code that NWP creates, but it's not very useful for me when all i get for class names are p1, p2, etc.

i'd sure like to see <p class="heading1"> and <p class="bodytext">, <span class="smallcaps">, etc.


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Re: HTML export

Post by codewizard »

where would NIsus get the names from? Are these in your style sheet?

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Re: HTML export

Post by martin »

I'm assuming he'd like NWP's HTML export to use the names from his stylesheet. That would be pretty nice actually. Unfortunately no, at this time there is no way to have those names included in your export. Sorry!

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Re: HTML export

Post by feat »

while we're at it, there's a very serious problem with html renditions: images are down-sampled to the point they only vaguely evoke their original counterpart; look at this mess:


most of my images are very precise technical diagrams with text labels in them; they were carefully crafted with OmniGraffle and converted to png files with appropriate resolution — once rendered to bad jpg files, they only look like place-holders: their contents are unusable…

of course, the html code could be edited manually and all of the img tags replaced by links to the original image, but Nisus Writer uses generic file names like "image-183.jpg": how would you guess that this one was called "Turing machine.png"?

and why are the LinkBackData files also collected to the images folder since they aren't linked at all anyway?

hey: I complained about this as early as 2007 — and I'm still waiting for a fix!

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