truncated page numbers

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Re: truncated page numbers

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I haven't had any style oddity yet, but I get plenty of [floating] images that moves between editing sessions, even though their anchors do not...

merely saving to pdf is sufficient to make a mess out of any complex layout !

and saving as html is guaranteed to make these images unusable anyway...

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Re: truncated page numbers

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Hi Nisus people--

I realize you’re probably already on the case, but just for the record, I’m also having the truncated page number problem. In a whole series of 20-25 page documents, the problem page numbers always seem to be 10 and 12 (both of which print as 1). It doesn’t seem to matter what font I use, it doesn’t matter how far right I place the number, and it also shows up as truncated in the PDF or Print Preview layout but never on the RTF screen display.

Otherwise, I should add, I’m very happy with Nisus Pro 2. It’s a great program.



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Re: truncated page numbers

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I have the same problem with truncated page numbers in Ver. 2 when printing directly and printing to/saving in PDF. Please fix ASAP

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Re: truncated page numbers

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For those experiencing the page numbering bug, we're making available a public beta of version 2.0.1:

That beta also provides support for the anticipated release of Mac OSX Lion (10.7)

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