Printed manual?

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Printed manual?

Post by joehardy »

Will a manual for NWP 2.0 be forthcoming soon? I realize the contents are all found in Help, but with several new features in 2.0, I'd really like to have a print copy to study how to use some of them.
I was hesitant to upgrade, but gladly did so when I found that not only do Comments and Track Changes work when opened in Word, but Table of Contents for an NWP 2 document only need to be slightly tweaked when opened in Word. And a Word document with these features really shows up well in NWP if I save it (in Word) as RTF.
Good work, guys.
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Re: Printed manual?

Post by fbloom »

You can find the pdf file and print it out yourself. Right click on the Nisus Writer Pro icon in your applications folder. Select "Show package contents." Open the Contents folder and then the Resources folder. The manual is named help.pdf. You can open and print it directly from that location or duplicate it and move the copy to a more convenient location.

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Re: Printed manual?

Post by rmark »

I realize the contents are all found in Help
Indeed the manual is in the help, and while fbloom's suggestion will work, it may be easier to open the manual by choosing:
Help > Nisus Writer Pro Help
This opens the file in Preview. You can then save the file in Preview…
File > Save As…
You'll probably want to name it something more precise than "help.pdf".
That's all there is to it.

As an alternative, this link downloads the entire User's Guide ("" which unzips to "Nisus Writer Pro 2.0 User Guide.pdf") to your Downloads folder: ... erProGuide
I hope that helps.
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