inline images revert to their original size

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inline images revert to their original size

Post by feat »

I composed this 17-page document where images were imported as links and simply in-lined;

each page is made of 2 sections:
  • heading + inline image: one-column section
  • text: two-column section
now those 17 images were all scaled so their height is 6 cm…
  • the next time NW 2 opens the file, most images have reverted to their original size, ruining the carefully laid out text
  • when opened with NW 1.4.1, that very same document has all its 17 images scaled as intended — but of course, in this case, there are no links…
so… is the link feature defeating the scaling?

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Re: inline images revert to their original size

Post by martin »

Yes, it does appear that the new image link feature interferes with the saving/reopening of the image scaling. If you don't link to the image, the scaling is preserved.

I'm very sorry all your careful work wasn't maintained. We'll file this bug for fixing, thank you.

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