Word count odd and slow

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Word count odd and slow

Post by greenmorpher » 2011-06-12 20:41:13

I've just been writing a letter in NWP2 (for heaven;s sake, please don't tell Joe!). :)

Length was restricted to 200 words so I was using the word count as a guide for length. I found that the word count was doing funny things. At 250 words, I deleted four words, the word count dropped back to 167, then paused visibly, then jumped forward to 246. I physically counted the words, and the latter figure was correct. As I corrected and edited the letter, the word count was jumping around like this all the time. I saved the letter. Just now, in the midst of writing this, I referred back to it. I re-opened the letter and initial word count was 197. it sort of hung there, then went up to 239. I just typed in a few more words at the end of a sentence. The word count did not change until a second or two after I finished typing, then it clicked up to 247. I then put the insertion point into the middle of a sentence and type four words. The word count went down to 197, then after thinking about it a bit, went to 251.

Something is going around in circles!

OS X.6.7 with Typinator running most of the time, but I quit it, and found the word count problem remained.

Cheers, geoff

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Re: Word count odd and slow

Post by Jester » 2011-06-13 17:52:57

Wow, really weird problem; how come this happens in 2 and not 1?

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