Issue with shapes

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Issue with shapes

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Hello all,

I have been corresponding with Martin about these matters, but as my memory says that either these or similar issues have been mentioned in other threads, I thought I'd pass on my findings to the forum.

Basically, if any of you have been working with documents with shapes — in my case they are text-boxes containing images with captions — especially longish documents with many shapes, you may have found that when you save and close the document and re-open it later, the shape has moved to another position, quite frequently on a different page.

If you are like me, and work entirely from the palettes, you may not have realised that within the <Tools : Shapes> menu, there is an entry "Move Anchor when Shape is Repositioned" — Thank you Martin for pointing this out to me! This is turned on by default for each shape you place. If you turn that off, you should find that the images are still where you put them when you have closed and re-opened the document. You need to set this option individually for each shape.

I have suggested to Martin that the option should be off by default, or even better that there should be a preference whereby we can each of us set it whichever way we prefer. But I'm sure Martin and the other people at Nisus would like to know your experience and opinion.


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Re: Issue with shapes

Post by feat »

I thought this issue was a well-known bug!

I use shapes a lot, but NWP1 had no way to control anchor mutability: moreover I've seen numerous occurrences of figures being moved on the page (and ruining a careful layout) even though their anchor was still at the very same place…

I'm glad NWP2 now provides a work-around, but this definitely raises the questions:
  • why would anchors be adjusted without asking?
  • if anchors are misplaced at the time they are set, why aren't they immediately forced to the expected position?
as a matter of course, such a behavior shouldn't be turned on by default: and yes, it should be an option in the preferences, just like having frames around shapes, or default 5-point horizontal offsets…

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