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another hoping for an iPad app thread

Posted: 2011-11-27 09:20:14
by cashdollar
Just upgraded to 2.02, it's back to the days of 6.5 in many ways. It got me to thinking of the possibilities of fully implementing Lion and iOS 5 features and came to the conclusion that an iPad editing app would be great.

-First if Nisus implemented the "Documents in the Cloud" integration it would make it available it would be available across platforms and machines.
-Next if Nisus created an iPad app focused more on editing than writing it would be a great way to review and edit Nisus created documents.
-After Siri comes to the iPad and it's opened up to 3rd party developers (cause you know it will), one could largely edit a document by voice command, and reviewing a document would become easier and more fluid than it is even on a Mac.

Not sure what your engineering capacity is currently is, but I think that would make Nisus even more of a killer tool.

Re: another hoping for an iPad app thread

Posted: 2011-12-06 11:22:46
by lgreen
I have to agree 100% with your suggestions...

I imagine Nisus have limited development resources [and with NWP 2 one can see that they achieve great things!] but integration via the 'cloud' [with or without the "i"] is the future and I really do want to give Nisus the money rather than another developer [or worse still Microsoft when their Word iPad client arrives]

I think cashdollar has it right when suggesting that the iPad client needs to be a good text editing tool rather than creation tool

Anyway here's to hoping

Re: another hoping for an iPad app thread

Posted: 2012-11-13 19:29:26
by dude
Just a simple editor where edits can be made without losing formatting on the NWP Mac version. Like omni does it.