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New glossary entries won't expand... 
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...until I quit NWP and re-open it. After that, the new glossary entry works fine.

Presumably this is not how glossaries are supposed to work! Does anyone else see this behaviour?

NWP 2.0.1 with MacOS 10.5.8, PPC.

2012-01-18 06:00:19
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You're quite right: new glossary entries should become available/expandable after you create them, without restarting NWP.

However, one thing to check: after you type the new glossary entry, you must save the glossary file before they become available. Did you perhaps leave the glossary file open, without saving it?

Also, how large is your glossary file? I believe we reparse the glossaries in the background, when NWP is idle, so if you had a lot of glossary entries, and your computer was relatively busy, it's possible the new entry might not become available immediately.

2012-01-18 14:05:28
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Problem solved: it was to do with DropBox. Apologies for my stupidity.

My "Application Support/Nisus Writer" folder was an alias or a symbolic link (can't remember which) to a DropBox folder. I've now moved the Nisus folder back to its original place and placed the symlink in the DropBox folder instead. So far all seems fine.

For anyone else who's confused about using DropBox to back up application settings, there's a discussion on the DropBox forum, including notes about symlinks if you aren't familiar with these (I wasn't until I started using DropBox):

You might say this is off-topic, but I hope it's relevant here because although my original setup caused problems for glossary files, it worked fine for all the other stuff in the Nisus folder, such as editing macros or using the Document Manager. Given the popularity of DropBox, it's possible others may bump into this issue.


2012-01-19 02:23:52
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