Facing Pages and Boarders - found it!

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Facing Pages and Boarders - found it!

Post by darang » 2012-04-15 21:33:05


Not sure what has happened, but last year I struggled with Nisus to print a booklet with custom sized facing pages with page boarders. Nothing worked - I just could not do it. There was a posting with a similar problem that was unanswered. So I wandered off into other pastures deeply disappointed because I have used Nisus from its beginnings. :(

Today just happened to make a desperate search in this forum and found an indication that what I was hoping for was possible. It is I have redone my booklet so easy, fast clean and untroubled. :wink:
I missed the step in the 'Section' Pallet - 'Section' suggested use when working with a number of 'Sections' (my booklet had only one section so I did not open it) - anyhow I found it, it works and all is well.

Nisus is so much cleaner than all the others and much faster. Its controls are as good' indd' (my copy is unsupported now), it is much less moody than 'word' and I find 'pages' has its own agenda.

So glad to be back, with thanks.

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