BUG: track changes and footnotes

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BUG: track changes and footnotes

Post by Derick »

When I have edited footnotes in a document, then use the command

Tools > Track Changes > Accept All Changes...

NWP Pro doesn't include changes that have been made to existing footnotes.

Unfortunately I can't consistently replicate this with other files.

I nearly just submitted an article which was supposed to contain no personally identifying information, but which contains the Author info. on all the edited footnotes, because of this bug.

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Re: BUG: track changes and footnotes

Post by goldste4 »

Hi Derick,
I don't have a solution but, coincidentally, I had exactly this same problem occur to me while finishing up an article. I haven't tried to reproduce the problem (got side tracked by other things I need to do), but I'm also sure that I've had files where accept all tracking changes works as expected and others, like the last one, where I have had to manually accept each of the 80+ footnote changes.

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Re: BUG: track changes and footnotes

Post by martin »

I'm very sorry you were bitten by this bug and almost submitted a file that still included tracked changes you were unaware still existed. We are able to reproduce this problem, and will take a look at getting it fixed. Thank you!

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