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Diacritics & Fonts

Posted: 2012-09-15 17:04:40
by Wizardiaoan
I've been having the trouble in both Word and NWP with diacritic marks always making the font of the letter Times New Roman. I was trying to use diacritics with the Book Antiqua and Garamond fonts. Now looking at my character viewer I see these fonts really do not have many diacritics. So this isn't really a Nisus question, but can anyone recommend a good book font that has a lot of diacritics besides Times New Roman? I suppose I'll have to play around with those that I see do in the character viewer.

Re: Diacritics & Fonts

Posted: 2012-09-15 17:35:04
by exegete77
I tend to use three:

Minion Pro (Adobe)

Adobe Garamond

Gentium Book Basic

(and for Hebrew Ezra SIL)

Re: Diacritics & Fonts

Posted: 2012-09-16 06:45:15
by Wizardiaoan
Thanks for the advice, Adobe Garamond Pro looks good to me: 11 point with 1.4 leading for a 6x9 book.

Edit: I didn't like the way numbers are set in the above, and so went with Adobe Calson Pro with the same settings, which I hope has ample diacritics.