Split Document View: Feature Request

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Re: Split Document View: Feature Request

Post by ptram »


As for the split screen, I would suggest to install the macro I cited in this thread as a very effective workaround:


It has been noted that the text in the second window does not update dynamically, but I found it very easy to repeat the macro each time I need a refresh of that window (I found this a very rare event in my own work).

Maybe the macro discussed in this thread could help making the resulting windows easier to place on the screen:


I wonder why they are not part of the standard collection of macros. I find them a viable replacement to the split screen command in Word.


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Re: Split Document View: Feature Request

Post by hhoffner »

I have used this macro. It may serve some people as a temporary workaround, but I found it unhelpful. What we really need is a true split window, not a second window. And it must dynamicly update with the document. Anything less simply postpones what must be done. Obviously, many users have expressed their need for this feature. It continues to be a sticking point for me as well. I love everything else about NWP.

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Re: Split Document View: Feature Request

Post by kithairon »

@ptram. Thanks for your macro. It works great; I appreciate your efforts. For a number of my use-case scenarios it's perfectly sufficient. Trust that Nisus will respond to the many user requests for a full fleged split-screen.

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Re: Split Document View: Feature Request

Post by Agnostus »

Sitting here, restructuring a manuscript; taking out parts in one section, merging them into another. Boy, would that split document view feature come in handy now...

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