Weird crash

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Weird crash

Post by Jester » 2013-04-19 14:53:08

So I open the laptop to continue working on my file, and there were some major differences in the text I'd written. For some reason, a whole section (thankfully not a big one) got kind of deleted and merged with other sections, resulting in this:

XYZ 2 41ant lizard) and the fear of and discontent caused by the subjugation of the XYZ.

This is just a small sample, the whole section (like half a page) was totally messed up for some reason. I tried doing CMD Z to go back to the way the file was before, but after a few times the application crashed. It was very weird and I'm sad that I'll have to rewrite that whole section again :( . I'm reviewing it again and it's not as worse as I thought, so not a complete tragedy. I was so stressed I failed to save the crash report, sorry.

I think what might've caused it was that at one point I put the laptop to sleep by closing it, then opened it again right away, but the screen was still black and right then I thought "méh" and closed it again. (I know I know.). I have the backup copies, but I didn't have the software save the previous versions of the BU copies :s.

Anyhow, just wanted to talk about this as I'm sad about what happened :( .


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