Footnotes disappear | runaway formatting | Bookends

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Footnotes disappear | runaway formatting | Bookends

Post by DIZ » 2013-03-29 01:10:22

Dear NWP folks:

I have a strange problem that started up when I used Bookends as a bibliography database. In a few instances, the gray highlighting that NWP uses for the inserted references "runs away" and ends at either the next reference or else the end of the section.

This I thought was just aesthetically problematic, but now I find that if I place a footnote within this highlighted text, upon saving and re-opening the document, the footnote disappears.

I've tried examining the RTF code to get a sense of what is going on, but it's beyond me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Footnotes disappear | runaway formatting | Bookends

Post by martin » 2013-07-02 12:13:55

Hi Daniel: are you still having this problem? If so, we'd be very happy to get a sample document to try and reproduce it.

Since it sounds like the errant bleeding of the Bookend reference (and disappearance of the footnote) occurs when you save the file, it would be best if you could send us a document where the problem has not yet occurred. In other words, the document both saves and reopens correctly. You could then instruct us where to insert the footnote to trigger the corruption.

If the document is sensitive, feel free to send it using the feedback reporter or email me directly at:
Thank you!

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