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Problem saving pdf file

Posted: 2014-03-06 09:25:05
by Bryand
I am trying to save a large file as a pdf for printing.

save as adobe pdf
pdfx1a 2001
"An error occurred while saving the pdf file"

I've tried this several times with the same result. The normal save as pdf won't do for me as it has to be in the PDFX1a 2001 format.

Re: Problem saving pdf file

Posted: 2014-03-06 16:49:57
by dshan
What is this "pdfx1a 2001" option you speak of? I've never seen it in any Print>PDF dialog in any app, certainly not NWP. What version of NWP and OS X are you using? Do you have some other software/extension that includes support for this pdf format installed?
This is what I get for Print>PDF
This is what I get for Print>PDF
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Re: Problem saving pdf file

Posted: 2014-03-06 23:41:33
by Bryand
On that option list you posted in your screenshot I have "save as Adobe pdf". This takes me to another menu where I can choose the version. In my case this takes me to the one I need to send my printing company a file.
Now that you have posted this (for which thanks) I now realise that this option probably comes through having Adobe Acrobat installed on my computer. That having been said, I am not sure that I am any nearer to resolving the problem. It has worked before because I have published six nooks since I purchased Nisus Writer Pro. Now it looks as if I have to reformat the damn thing in InDesign or MS Word to get the output I need.

Re: Problem saving pdf file

Posted: 2014-03-20 14:25:58
by martin
Maybe you could try saving a regular PDF with Nisus Writer first, and then opening it in Adobe Acrobat to convert it to the PDF/X-1a:2001 format? At the least you'd isolate whether the problem is the way Adobe's PDF plugin interacts with Nisus Writer, or a problem with the feature itself.

Re: Problem saving pdf file

Posted: 2014-11-28 12:14:29
by Bryand
I thought I would add to this. I haven't solved the problem but I may have identified the cause. The operating system may be the culprit.n I first experienced this issue after I upgraded to Mavericks. However I can still save to Adobe pdf when I use an older computer with OSX Lion. I thought it might go away when I updated to Yosemite, but it hasn't. I should perhaps add that this is not a Nisus Pro issue. MS Word behaves in exactly the same way. I now have to build all my books using Indesign which will happily export to the appropriate pdf format.

Re: Problem saving pdf file

Posted: 2014-11-29 06:16:51
by Hamid
I could not reproduce the problem on Mavericks then, when you first posted in this thread; nor can I reproduce it now on Yosemite.
My NWP rtf test file is 11.9 MB with Quartz, and 18.9 MB with Adobe pdfx1a 2001.

Re: Problem saving pdf file

Posted: 2014-11-30 10:56:22
by greenmorpher
This is hilarious from my POV. I produce PDFs all the time to go to print both locally and at distant printers (including Lightning Source, half a world away from me here in the New Guinea Islands) out of the ancient Canvas X running on OS X.6.8, and I have never had a problem with printing just using the ordinary Print > Save as PDF. In fact, I have never paid any attention to the options further down the menu!

Just tried them. The straight Save as PDF and the PDF X 2001 produce files of much the same size from a text file; clicking on the Adobe option (I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.5.5 dating back to 2008 installed but never use it in fact) produces a file nearly half the size.

The problem here has nothing to do with NWP, of course, it is a matter of printer drivers. Rather than rebuild your workflow with InDesign, which is obviously gross overkill if you have been publishing nooks, oops books ( :) ) with NWP, I would suggest checking out the print driver options.

What about PDF Pen? Surely that will give you a PDF which will print anywhere? And if your current installation won't, get the Pro version. A lot cheaper and more workflow friendly than going to InDesign, I would think.

Cheers, geoff