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Anchor symbol and Graphics in imported document 
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I want to convert to Nisus’ native format a document containing graphics that is either an RTF document exported by Acrobat or a Word DOC document. When I use the NWP import converter to open such a document, the Nisus document often displays several Anchor symbols in both Draft and Page view modes.

I cannot figure out how to select an Anchor symbol or how to locate the graphic associated with a given Anchor symbol. The user guide describes how to select a graphic and locate its corresponding anchor, but not how to do the reverse.

Some of the graphics in the original document appear to be hidden in the Nisus document. I suspect the anchor symbols are the key to finding them.

My objective is to convert all graphics to a type that will display between paragraphs and occupy as much vertical height as necessary to prevent overlap between the text and graphics.

2014-03-30 16:35:17
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Hi Bob,

maybe the following macro could be of use? It should create a list of all floating content in your document, providing various bits of information about each one.



2014-03-30 18:09:57

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Thanks very much, Philip!

Your macro caused four previously hidden "shapes" to display. In the output file, two were named "unsupported shape" and displayed only a question mark in the original file. Two others were named "rect" and appeared as an empty rectangle in the original file. I deleted all four. Apparently they were associated with the mysterious anchor symbols because the latter no longer appear.

2014-03-30 22:33:09

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I’m working on a .doc that has this problem. When I opened the .doc for the first time it threw up an alert to say that there were problem opening it and would I like to send it to Nisus for them to help sort it out … it’s 96 pages long, so I declined!

I assumed that the anchors were links to files outside the .doc file and therefore had not been sent with the .doc.

My correspondent confirmed that they were not important in terms of the editing I was asked to do, so I’ve ignored them.


2014-03-31 00:29:38
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