Disabling Prevent Hyphenation in Dependent Style Fails

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Disabling Prevent Hyphenation in Dependent Style Fails

Post by withoutFeathers » 2014-07-22 20:57:40

I'm finding that attempting to toggle 'Prevent Hyphenation' in a dependent style seems inconsistent and buggy.

It's complex because of the dependency and hence triple negative situation (I think that's what I'll call it :roll: ), but I find that sometimes it appears to hold onscreen and then doesn't save or print (reverses itself when I reopen). Other attempts to reproduce, I find it won't toggle at all.

Have you have any other reports of bugs like this?

I recall another one a while back that we discussed here, to do with colors and dependent styles, that might have been similar -- the dependent style gets overridden by the parent, even though the option of using the toggle appears to be there in the dependent style.



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Re: Disabling Prevent Hyphenation in Dependent Style Fails

Post by martin » 2014-07-23 15:07:57

I just did some tests with dependent styles overriding their parent with either "Allow Hyphenation" or "Prevent Hyphenation". It looks like there is indeed a bug here, in that the overrides can be lost after saving and reopening the file. We'll get it fixed, thank you!

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