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open files in draft mode

Post by hhoffner »

I work with very large files, and, although occasionally I need to edit footnotes which requires I be in the regular view, most of the time I can do what I need indraft mode which is much faster to navigate and edit in.

When I first open any NWP file, it loads in regular mode, not draft mode, and it takes a very long time to load, especially in "typesetting" stage. I suspect this is because it is arranging the pagination, which isn't necessary in draft mode. What I would like to know is if there is a way to set my NWP preferences so that it will open all files in draft mode. Does anyone know how to do that?

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Re: open files in draft mode

Post by Hamid »

Converted files will open in Draft View or Page View depending on the setting of your New File in NWP Preferences; if the New File is set to open in Draft View, converted files will also open in Draft View. Open your current New File for editing in NWP Preferences, change its view to Draft View, press Save and close the file.
For files created and saved in NWP, you can do the last save in Draft View so that they will reopen in Draft View.

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