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Unexpected behavior (bug?) in Find/Replace

Posted: 2014-08-14 00:14:32
by NisusUser
I noticed today that if I have PowerFind activated and select "Any punctuation", then select "Capture()" and then realize that the "Any punctuation" was supposed to have been within the parentheses of the "Capture()", that if I cut (Cmd-X) and paste (Cmd-V) the "Any punctuation" item, all looks well, but the find expression simply won't work. Seems to be the same no matter what I cut and paste in the Find or Replace fields. However, if I close NWP 2.0.7 and restart and then do the search putting in the elements in the correct order from the menus (no cut/paste), all works well. What was confusing me is that the Find and Replace screens all looked right, but NWP was not finding anything. But the next time I did it, it looked identical, and NWP did find something. Then I realized it had to do with my cutting/pasting. Seems not quite right to me.

EDIT: fixed typo