Tooldrawer update failure -- remedied by restart

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Tooldrawer update failure -- remedied by restart

Post by tedcrooks » 2014-09-16 09:44:07

Just to let you know of a transient problem: I experienced this problem while editing a 50-page document.

All tooldrawer pallets (including 'styles') failed to update to any new cursor location. However, moving the cursor by clicking on a table-of-contents entry displayed in the optional, left-hand panel caused the pallets to update properly (but the cursor, nor the usual highlight, did not then appear on the highlighted heading in the body display as usual).

Quitting and re-starting the Nisus application seemed to fix the problem where saving, closing, and re-opening had not.

I was able to reproduce the problem once, but not again.

Likely the problem was related to my use of the "speaking" facility of OS X. I had used this feature shortly prior as a proof-reading tool.

(Or, it may have been due to my invocation of "speaking" with a tool called Pop Clip [from Apple App Store] which I use heavily and reliably with Nisus. Being unable to reproduce the problem regularly I can't be sure of any relationship to "speaking" or Pop Clip.)

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