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Writing with Markdown syntax in NWP

Posted: 2014-12-04 10:42:53
by philippe99
If like me, you love NWP and Markdown, you can use the best of both with the help of the Marked2 app.
A summary on my blog

Re: Writing with Markdown syntax in NWP

Posted: 2014-12-08 16:39:32
by Þorvarður
What's all this hype about Markdown? Why can't you use Nisus Writer Pro "for simple texts that only require standard formatting", as you say on your blog? Why do you need extra "syntax" for such texts? Just wondering…

Re: Writing with Markdown syntax in NWP

Posted: 2014-12-09 07:33:24
by ptram
I can only answer for myself. I started being interested to markdown when i started using an iPad. RTF is not supported well, and is rarely supported. The best writing apps are text-only.

All considered, for rough drafting plain-text is not bad at all. It is small, which is a bonus in a 'cloudy' world. And forces a writer to stay simple, both in local formatting and in general structuring. I don't dislike using it.

Using it in Nisus is easy. Mix markdown and paragraph/character styles, and you end up with an environment not too far from Ulysses III.


However, with the macros dedicated to converting RTF to MD and vice-versa, one can write in RTF in Nisus, then convert to MD when needed. Or convert imported MD into RTF.


Re: Writing with Markdown syntax in NWP

Posted: 2014-12-10 12:15:33
by philippe99
Paolo, that's exactly how I switched to Markdown: iPad 1 + text-plain only wordprocessor (Textkraft in my case).
As a software developer, I write all my simple notes (specs, layout, ...) in Markdown with the sole use of the keyboard (I'm an Unixman flavoured with Emacs).

I just export a note to Word or PDF when I need to include them in my company offical document or repository.

70 % of the daily used formatting tags are just: bold+italic+headers+lists.

But the most important is that formatting is included in my writing flow.
As Paolo shows, I just use the "**" hastags when typing to put a word in bold. I do not need to write, then select the text to put in bold and press ctrl-B.

I would add that most of the MD editors (like Byword, UlyssesIII) can run full-screen mode: a screen just for writing.. no toolbar.. no floating cascading menu... just you and the text.

Markdown basics on youtube

Re: Writing with Markdown syntax in NWP

Posted: 2014-12-10 15:22:12
by ptram
Philippe, just to be sure you know: Nisus does have a Full Screen mode. It is a bit hidden, but it is there and very nice.

1. Switch to View > Draft mode.
2. Click on the Full Screen button (or invoke it from the View menu).

You are alone with your text. If needed, the Navigator and Drawer can appear, then disappear again.


PS: Er... Dear Nisus Developers, what about adding Markdown preview in Draft mode? :)

Re: Writing with Markdown syntax in NWP

Posted: 2014-12-11 07:39:01
by Þorvarður
ptram wrote:Nisus does have a Full Screen mode.
… and the colors of the Full screen background and the Full screen gutter can be fully customized.

Re: Writing with Markdown syntax in NWP

Posted: 2014-12-16 14:53:02
by tedg
New user here. This is very handy. Thanks.