Markdown capabilities in Nisus?

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Markdown capabilities in Nisus?

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The new version of
Microsoft Word can now read and export files in Markdown and Fountain formats
Do you expect in the near future to have Nisus Writer Pro to have this capability?



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Re: Markdown capabilities in Nisus?

Post by skyblue »

I'm not familiar with Fountain, but MultiMarkdown support would be excellent.

I'm trying to use Scrivener to compose a thesis and export to Nisus for formatting, image insertion, and Table of Contents generation, but style export from Scriv and subsequent processing in NWP is a bit of a pain. I think that MultiMarkdown could be a great workaround, and would also expand Nisus's utility for other purposes.

It's also a great composition tool altogether, making it possible to format while writing and subsequently apply different stylesheets– your hands needn't leave the page.

Given the popularity of Ulysses and its prominent use of Markdown, adding Multimarkdown to Nisus might be a way to keep abreast of the field.

The developer's site ( is pretty Mac-centric, so it might not be too difficult to implement MMD support in Nisus. At the very least, importing would be excellent! :)


I found this macro for converting Markdown into styles, which is close to what I'm looking for... Thanks Martin!

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